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The transport system of any institute is one of the parameters of an excellent school system. Rishikul Vidyapeeth proudly possesses its own fleet of comfortable vehicles for to and fro commutation of students. All those parents who sign up for school bus transportation will agree with the fact that school buses come in as the safest means of commute for their kids. If you compare it with either riding your private vehicle or going by walk to school, the former alternatives pose threats to student safety.It is for a simple reason that school buses come equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems. Hence, you as parents will be buying peace of mind with every school bus ride.For all those people who are extremely concerned about the safety of children, below is the rundown of all the features of a school bus which is secured with the benefits of a modern safety system.A closer look at all these features will reinforce the common belief that it is always better to be safe than to be sorry and school buses are the best alternatives.The following are the striking features of a school bus fitted with state-of-the-art safety mechanisms.

  • GPS Systems
  • Parents and school administrators can now operate with the numerous advantages offered by a high-definition GPS system. With this system in place, you will be in a position to pinpoint the exact location of a school bus.With a simple tap on your mobile app, you will also get to know the running speed of your school bus.Offering the dual benefits of convenience and security, the GPS location is a vital information for both parents and school administrators.

  • Always Have Fire Extinguishers Onboard
  • This is one of the basic safety measures to be followed before riding a school bus. Unlike other vehicles, we should be extra safe as kids may go panic when something unexpected happens.It is always better to keep fire extinguishers on both front ends as well as the rear end of the school buses.Moreover, make sure they are working properly. To ensure the same, keep a check on its operational dates on a regular basis.And never hesitate to replace it with a new one if it is too old to be dependable.

  • RFID Tags
  • A major safety drawback is when students are left alone to wait for the school bus at their designated pickup point. This situation can be avoided through the RFID tags.These tags enable parents to know the exact location of their kid and once the kid boards the bus, parents receive a notification on their smartphones. That is when parents can have a sigh of relief that their kid is now in the safe hands.

  • Indicators
  • School buses come fitted with extended stop arms and flashing lights. These are safety systems that help motorists to maneuver their vehicles while the children are boarding or alighting a school bus.

  • Emergency Exits
  • Life is uncertain and you never know when an unforeseen eventuality can throw your peace out of gear. It is for this reason that school buses should clearly mention emergency exits.

  • A Child Check Alarm
  • Many a time, school bus drivers forget to drop off sleeping children. To ward off such instances, school buses can rely on an electronic alarm. This alarm prompts the driver to walk up to the rear of the bus to check for any kids who missed their drop points as they fell asleep.

  • A Bus-Empty Sign
  • Similar to the child check alarm, a bus empty sign is another noteworthy safety mechanism that is designed to prevent leaving an unattended kid on the bus.This display sign hangs from the rear window after the driver walks through the bus to identify any unattended student and finds none.

  • Safety Seating
  • Modern school buses which go by the rule that the safety of their students is paramount will invest in comfortable and safe seats. Along with raised backrests, these sturdy school bus seats offer strong padding. Through these measures, you can ensure that your kids travel seated in well-anchored and protective seats.

  • Seat Belts
  • When every seat comes attached with a seat belt, you are securing the safety of your kids. It is hence a wise move to make the installation and use of seat belts mandatory for school buses so that kids are secured in their seats while travelling or at the time of a collision.

  • Specialized Systems for Preschoolers
  • When it comes to ensuring the safety of preschoolers and students with special abilities, it is the need of the hour to offer specialized restraint systems.Along with equipping school buses with wheelchair locks and car seats, you can also hire an assistant onboard who will keep a watchful eye on the needs of such kids. Additionally, it is good for preschoolers and differently-abled kids to be transported via smaller school buses.

  • Regular Maintenance to Fleet
  • It is always better to be safe than to be sorry, especially with kids who are commuting via school buses. It is for this reason, the school bus-in-charge should conduct periodic preventive maintenance inspections.When school buses are thoroughly inspected by certified mechanics, you will be adhering to stringent safety protocols meant for the overall safety of your students.

  • Concept of Compartmentalization
  • A noted measure to protect school buses against crashes comes in the form of compartmentalization. For the simple fact that school buses are heavier and larger when compared to private vehicles, compartmentalization steps in as a noteworthy feature. Through this safety concept, school buses experience a different treatment being given to collision forces when compared to how a strong impact damages passenger cars or other private vehicles.

  • School Bus Safety
  • Consumables School buses should always be prepared for any sort of eventuality. It is for this reason that every school bus comes with a first-aid box. It is also very important for buses to have fire extinguishers.

  • The Yellow Color Says It All
  • All in an attempt to attract the attention of pedestrians and bikers on roads, the bright yellow color of school buses does the trick.Increasing the visibility of people on the road, this yellow color helps motorists take notice of a school bus. This bright color is easily noticeable paving the way for the safety of school students plying via school buses.

  • Closing Thoughts
  • School bus fleets which are equipped with the above-mentioned modern safety mechanisms stand to gain when they guarantee the security of school students. While some assist the drivers to keep track of unattended children, others are meant to bestow peace of mind to parents and caretakers.All these state-of-the-art safety systems together make school buses the safest means of transportation. It is hence the need of the hour for school districts to look into these safety measures and implement them on their fleets so as to completely avoid the instances of students getting hurt, unattended or stranded on the road.

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