Rishikul Open Schooling

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Open learning is an alternative education system available for your child. Here's all you need to know about the Open school system, the open school boards in India and the schools of open learning.

  • Open school system :
  • Many students are opting to go off the beaten track for various reasons when it comes to education. Open school boards in India and schools of open learning offers the flexibility and freedom to learn at one’s own pace. Homeschooled children who wish to take milestone examinations to gain admission into graduate or diploma programmes, children who are pursuing professional sports or other careers, children with special needs, children who are unable to grapple with a second language and those who opt-out of the rigours of the regular academic curricula, can all avail benefit from the open school system.
    Open learning is highly customised and based on choice and needs. A high degree of involvement and guidance from parents is required without them overstepping the child’s autonomy. Parents opting for open schooling for their child should be aware of their child’s strengths, abilities and interests. There are currently two viable options to clear the regular school equivalent of the standard 10th and the 12th class exams in India, if a child wishes to be a part of the open school system. These schools of open learning are the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and EDEXCEL.

  • National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) :
  • The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS ) or (NOS for National Open School) is the Board of Education for open schools in India. One could also say that it’s a school of open learning. This autonomous open school board in India was established by the Government in 1989. NIOS administers the secondary and senior secondary examinations of the open school system, which are equivalent to the CBSE and the CISCE exams.
    As of 2016, about 19 lakh students from across the country are pursuing secondary (class 10), senior secondary (class 12) and vocational education programmes under NIOS. It is one of the three open school boards in India, and the only Indian board looking after school education through open and distance education. It is on par with other national/state level boards of school education.

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